Announcements for 5/8/20-5/12/21

Please check out the Yeshuat Tsion YouTube channel. We now livestream our Shabbat service. After Sunday morning editing, only the drash and message will be available to be viewed on YouTube anytime.

In-person Shabbat Services at 10 AM this week 5/8/21 with RSVP.
Shabbat Services at 10 AM on YouTube:

• Messianic Jewish Sunday School, 10:00 AM on ZOOM. See your teacher's email for this week.

• Tuesday Bible Study in Genesis this week 5/11/21 from 7-8 PM on Zoom

• CYT Prayer Meeting Wednesdays on ZOOM, 5:45-6:45 PM

2021 Holidays & Events Calendar for Yeshuat Tsion

5/9 Mother's Day Sunday, May 9
5/15 Shavu'ot, Shabbat, May 15
5/16 Ladies' Chavurah, Sunday, May 16
5/23 Men's Chavurah, Sunday, May 23, on Zoom