Announcements for Week of 4/1/20-4/4/20
Please check out the Yeshuat Tsion YouTube channel. We are now live-streaming our Shabbat service and it can also be viewed anytime after the event.

No physical events at CYT until further notice due to compliance with state and federal guidelines regarding coronavirus.

2020 Holidays & Events Calendar for Yeshuat Tsion

All events below are tentative only and will be canceled if federal and state guidelines regarding coronavirus do not permit observance of the events.

Please check back for updates: Yom HaT’chiyah (Day of Resurrection) 4/18
Please check back for updates: Yom HaSho’ah, Shabbat, 4/25
Canceled: Denver Holocaust Remembrance (DHR), Babi Yar Park, Sunday, 4/26, 2-4pm